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armed with years of industry experience and unwavering support from our clientele, both of which form the cornerstones of the Company.

About us

ENT Construction Sdn Bhd stands as one of Penang’s impeccable construction companies that takes pride in serving a remarkable spectrum of portfolios, ranging from factory construction, commercial construction, residential construction to governmental projects. It is a subsidiary to Southeast Asia’s leading engineering powerhouse - Singapore Innovation Technology Pte Ltd.

What We Do

Factory Contruction Project

Commercial Construction Project

Residential Contruction Project

Our Services

Construction is a core area of business we partake in since our inception. ENT Construction is
skilled in translating ideas into actual structural buildings and design.

Mechanical Engineering

Having managed a string of corporate, government and private projects, our team is trained to honor clients’ individual demands and to priorities customer satisfaction.

Our Clients

1. What is your speciality?

Here at ENT construction, we are the leading M&E contractor in Malaysia. Our services include renovation, maintenance, construction, M&E engineering, and others. As a leading contractor company in Malaysia, we have handled several projects covering different sectors such as residential, commercial, and factory. Aside from construction, we are also a leading renovation contractor in Malaysia. We provide maintenance and renovation work to ensure the buildings stay in their pristine condition.

2. What are the differences between renovating and reconstructing?

This is a common question we get as a leading renovation contractor in Malaysia. A renovation is the repair of a room without changing its use, whereas reconstruction is the restoration of a building or part of a building by replacing worn-out load-bearing elements or structures. First off, a renovation is less expensive than reconstruction because reconstruction necessitates a more complex scope of work, more man hours, and more materials. Second, consider the project's duration. Renovations are frequently the faster option when compared to new construction.

3. What services do you offer during your renovation process?

Despite being the most prominent renovation contractor in Malaysia, we are also the leading painting contractor in Penang. We offer painting and maintenance services to our customers during the renovation process. We guarantee that we will renovate your desired home into a comfortable, modern, and personal environment that is perfectly suited to you.